Super League Champs Be Forward Wanderers Donates to Balaka School

Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) and 2017 Super league Champions, Be Forward Wanderers Thursday donated materials worth K 2 million materials to Mwanje Primary School in Balaka.

The items donated to the school include teaching and learning materials (text books, exercise books, pens and pencils) 2 sets of football kits and first aid kits.

The Wanderers players took their time out to engage with the pupils of the school and to play a mini soccer game with the school’s football team and it was all fun, inspiration and entertaining

This is the traditional Corporate Social Investment initiative that TNM and Super League Champions undertake at the close of each soccer season.

Be Forward Wanderers General Secretary (GS), Mike Butao, who led the team, thanked the sponsors for the initiative.

“We are happy and proud to be part of this initiative. This is a very noble gesture as it is always important to interact with and give back to the people that make us who we are and as Be Forward Wanderers, we commend TNM for this,” he said.

Butao added when given the opportunity, the 2017 champions will set Balaka as the beneficiary district as Balaka Stadium was their home ground in 2017.

He urged soccer lovers and Wanderers players in particular to support TNM, saying a true Noma should always be on TNM.

“It is Balaka that has given us the League title after a 10 year drought and to our supporters in Balaka and throughout the country, we are proud of the support you gave us in 2017.” Butao pointed out.

The GS explained that making the donation with TNM, we have demonstrated that we are role models to the pupils and we urge each and every one of them to be exemplary in their communities because that is what being a Nomad all is about.

TNM’s Head of Division Marketing, Sobhuza Ngwenya said the initiative was part of TNM’s Corporate Social Responsibility aiming at thanking football fans for their dedicated support during the entire league sponsorship.

During a 10 minutes football game, Be Forward Wanderers won 4-2 on post match penalties after 1-1 draw.

The Nomads featured their striker Esau Kanyenda as the goalkeeper.

Wanderers’ bus driver, Mdoka and team doctor Sam Matukuta were part of the Nomads team that featured against the School team.