Chief ‘Rapist’ Mwiza Chavura Arrested

Malawi’s up-coming rapper Mwiza Chavura, who swirled controversy last week after producing a song titled ‘Ndidzakupanga rape’ is in the hands of police.

National Police Publicist James Kadadzera, told local media  a short while ago that Chavura is currently being interrogated at Blantyre Police Station.

          Ndidzakupanga Rape

Chavura’s hip hop track titled ‘rape’  attracted debate last week among Malawians on social media platforms such as facebook and whatsapp.

In the song, Chavura was announcing plot to let a girl got drunk on his bills with an intention of raping her for turning down his sexual advances on her.

“Ndidzakupanga rape/ kukumwetsa bawa ndikupanga rape/kukamwa kwako nzakumata tape/ zindikana uone udzalira help/ I don’t ……. around nzakupanga rape,” goes part of the chorus of the song.