Central Region Police Hands 0ver 315 Bicycles to Police Units

The Commissioner of Police for Central Region John Nyondo on Wednesday handed over 315 bicycles to rural Police Units and rural Community Policing Forums.

Speaking at the event which took place at Central Region Police Training Centre, the Commissioner said that the bicycles aim at facilitating access to justice for vulnerable groups such as women and children in the rural areas.

Nyondo acknowledged the challenges of mobility faced by rural citizens in the justice system.

“I know that we do not have enough vehicles in rural areas to ease mobility, but with these bicycles our police officers will find it easy to travel around when serving people in the remote areas.” Said the Commissioner.

Further to that he also observed that these bicycles will help women and children who are the main target beneficiaries to report and have quick response from Police Officers because of the presence of the bicycles.

To the donors, the Nyondo expressed sincerely gratitude to the European Union for the timely donation and therefore appealed to other stakeholders to emulate the kind gesture considering that there are other main areas that require assistance.

The 315 bicycles are the first consignment from the 1000 bicycles which the European Union is donating to the Malawi Police Service under Chilungamo Project.

Taking his turn Mc Lean Mguntha who is the Deputy Director of Community Policing and Rural Police Units added that Chilungamo project will also fund the rehabilitation of selective Victim Support Units across the country. In the central region, the project will rehabilitate Malomo Victim Support Unit in Ntchisi.

Mguntha also hinted that upon arrival of the remaining consignments, the bicycles will be distributed to other operational regions of the Malawi Police Service.

As a matter of ensuring durability of the bicycles, the Officers in-charge and the Community Policing Coordinators have been urged to make sure that the bicycles are serving only the intended purposes and not for other personal gains.