Stop Politicizing Corruption- Mutharika

Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika has asked the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and unpatriotic Malawians to ‘Stop’ politicizing corruption.

The Malawi leader Mutharika was speaking at Providence Industrial Mission (P.I.M) in Chiradzulu district during the commemoration of Reverend John Chilembwe who died fighting for freedom.

President Mutharika said, “There is corruption in the private sector, in the judiciary, in the media and in the faith community. However, one man cannot fight corruption alone. We need to fight together.

“If we see corruption, report to the authorities. The trouble in this country is that we are politicizing corruption. They say corruption is growing in the country. I don’t think so. It is not true that corruption is growing. What is growing is perception of corruption.”

Mutharika added,” I will give you an example. There has been mention of seven cabinet ministers. This is a total lie; a fabrication of a certain malicious and an irresponsible editor. The ACB has announced last week that there is no cabinet minister in the said case.”

President Mutharika further said that government has allocated enough resources to all graft busting institutions to curb corruption in the country.