Mutharika Calls for Mindset Change

Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika has called for mindset Change among Malawians for the country to transform.

Mutharika made the call at Providence Industrial Mission (P.I.M) in Chiradzulu district during the commemoration of Malawi’s freedom fighter Reverend John Chilembwe. He said transformation starts with mindset change.

“Let me thank you (PIM) for calling upon the nation to think about transformation of our country. Transformation begins with the renewal of our minds,

“This is what the Bible tells us in Romans 12 Verse 2. The Change of minds is the beginning of national transformation,” emphasized President Mutharika.

President Mutharika further said, “We all have to change the way we think and do things for this country to change. But it takes courage to change a country. Change is never always welcome. That is why Chilembwe faces resistance and got killed,”

The Malawi leader also called upon the opposition and unpatriotic Malawians to stop the pull Down syndrome which according to him (President Mutharika) is killing the country.

“Today, lam facing every resistance while lam leading this country to transformation. They said Peter Mutharika cannot be the president. He must go back to the University where he belongs. I became the president; they said Peter Mutharika is economically clueless.

“I took the badly damaged economy and now economy has recovered. Now Malawi is a highly rated destination for investors because we have restored economic confidence. Malawi is preferred destination for tourists,” said Mutharika

He further asked the journalists and media housed in the country to embrace mindset change and stop damaging the image of the country thinking they and hurting president Mutharika.

“According to Forbes Magazine and Cosmolitalitan Travel Guide, Malawi is among the 18 top countries to be visited in 2018 worldwide but you will not find this in local medial because they are busy trashing this country.

“By doing that, they think they are hurting me. They are making mistake. What they do not know is that they are destroying their own country. This kind of behavior must change,” concluded Mutharika.