Mwiza Chavura’ s pro-rape song stirs debate on social media,The artist apologised!

Mwiza Chavura’s hip hop track tittled ‘rape’ has attracted debate among Malawians on social media platforms

In the song, Chavura was announcing plot to let a girl got drunk on his bills with an intention of raping her for turning down his sexual advances on her.

“Ndidzakupanga rape/ kukumwetsa bawa ndikupanga rape/kukamwa kwako nzakumata tape/ zindikana uone udzalira help/ I don’t ……. around nzakupanga rape,” goes part of the chorus of the song.

After listening to the song poet Qabaniso Malewezi, himself a former rapper, said much as there was freedom of speech which artists enjoy, there was a line that needed to be drawn.

“Art that openly talks about raping a girl should not be tolerated. Any glorification of rape culture should not be condoned. Being an artist is a privilege and honour not to be abused. I am publicly condemning the song titled “Rape” by Chavura. I say no to verbal sexual violence,” said Malewezi.

Meanwhile Chavura has apolosgised to affected parties.

“I would like to apologise to all women I have offended with my song.I didnt know it will offend women.To me it was just funny eminem typer concept.Sorry I will avoid such song” Said Chavura

The song have now been banned , but still making rounds on social media platforms such as WhatsApp.