Over 4,000 Cars Imported Every Month- Mutharika

Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika says over 4,047 vehicles were imported into the country every month in the year 2017.

Professor Mutharika made the remarks on Monday in his New Year address to the Malawi nation. He said most of the Malawians have gained confidence to spend their excess cash.

“Malawians are buying and importing 4,047 vehicles per month. This means we are regaining our confidence to spend. Most people have the confidence to spend their excess cash.

we are regaining our confidence- Mutharika

“Everywhere, young Malawians can now afford to buy a motorbike while in the village. We are moving away from kabaza to the motorbike as a mode of transport in most communities. This is a revolution coming slowly but surely,” said President Mutharika

President Mutharika added that lives  of Malawians living in the rural areas are currently improving citing that most of the people in the villages can now afford descent houses.

“Slowly, the rooftops of our villages are changing. In many villages, grass-thatched houses are slowly disappearing. From the sales of tomato, I have seen women buying one iron-sheet after another.

“ I have seen them carrying iron-sheet after iron-sheet on their head or on the bicycle to build a descent house for themselves. These Malawians demonstrate to us that progress is slow but achievable. They understand the patience of developing a nation,” said Mutharika

President Professor Mutharika also sounded confident that Malawi will transform in the next five years.

“And I am confident that the Malawi you see today is not the Malawi you will see in five years to come,” sounded President Mutharika