Most Zambian Men Are Weak in Bed, Says Malawian Woman

A 30 year old Malawian woman who based in Zambia has complained that Zambia’s Bemba men are weak in bed.

The woman only identified as Rona Banda says Bemba men are weak in bed and only good at drinking beer.

She narrated how her former ex husband use to make love to her in seconds and get tired.

“I was in a marriage with this ZRA officer from Lusaka who is Bemba and could give me a lot of money and demand sex every day.

He could release within 5 to 10 minutes-Banda

“Foolishly, he could release within 5 to 10 minutes before he hit my orgasm. This went on for 2 years and i was forced to have an alternative to relieve myself,” she said.

“This annoyed and frustrated me and forced me to divorce my husband after 2 years of suffering bedroom wise and vow never to get married to any Zambian man again.

“I stand to be corrected; my conclusion is that all Zambian men love sex, easy money than hard work yet are embarrassingly lazy in bed. I feel for Zambian women who are every time left unsatisfied in bed by their weak husbands.” She said.

And Ms. Banda says Malawian men are much stronger and better in bed than Zambian men. She says Malawian men are excellent in bed but so stingy.

“Malawian men are excellent in bed than these Zambians who cherish beer drinking and giving women a lot of money but no proper bedroom meals.

“That why Zambia has the highest cases of defilement in Africa. It has a useless generation of men who cherish sex, but are humiliatingly weak when it comes to satisfying a well balanced woman,” she said.

“Am not a prostitute but I am sure the problem l was facing in marriage is being experienced by most Zambian women only that they can’t speak out due to culture hence cheating on their husbands” she said.

“Until you(Zambian Men) improve in Bed, you will continue buying food and sponsoring other people’s children to school as your wives will continue having sex outside marriage and bare children that are not biologically yours.

As was young but now am old and i have never seen a woman whose husband is excellent in bed committing adultery,” she said.-