Artists benefit from APMC website

The Arts Production and Marketing Cooperation (APMC) limited says over 200 artists have benefited from their website which was introduced in 2016.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Wednesday, APMC’s Business Manager, Isaac Chingota, said the website was introduced with the aim of selling digital products for artists.

“On this website, which is the APMC Store, artists are able to sell their artistic work such as music, photos, videos, poetry, books and others. So far, we have over 300 products that have been uploaded on the store,” he said adding that apart from artists, the general public has also benefited from the website.

“You may be aware that it is a challenge for one to access educational material especially for someone who is in the rural area and through our website, people are able to access the material they need in soft copies,” he said.

Chingota said for one to buy the products on the APMC store, they have to register by opening an account on the store where different products are uploaded.

Consumers are then able to buy the products through Airtel Money where the money is transferred to the owner of the product.

APMC is a cooperative which was introduced in Malawi in 2016 with the aim of improving the production and distribution systems of original works and the entrepreneurial capacities of its members.mana