Give President Constructive Criticism – Umodzi Party Leader

Written By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the opposition leaders in the country for Umodzi Party Professor Chisi has said that while he commends the work of some Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s), there is a need for them to tread carefully by giving out constructive criticism to government as one way of fostering social development.
He was speaking in an interview over recent media reports that some CSO’S have reportedly taken to asked the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to give back the money it realized from Blue Night event held lately.
Chisi further questioned the motives for his fellow opposition party leaders for taking the lead in accusing government in most of the issues currently taking place on the ground instead of coming up with solutions to address the problems.
“I totally not agree with some of my fellow opposition leaders for what they are doing. They always put the on government on some issues that can easily be resolved by following the right channels.
“By the way how can a President run the government for the betterment of all the people living in the country if we just oppose for the sake of being in opposition. These opposition leaders have must have sober mind when doing their activities,” he said.
The Umodzi Party leader said the president has already proved to be development conscious following his laying foundation stones for the construction of projects such as hospitals, technical colleges and roads which some of them have already been completed soon after he took over office from former State President of the country Dr Joyce Banda.
Chisi has since advised the State President to ignore taking wrong advice from his subordinates who can frustrate his development efforts.
Recently opposition leaders from various parties held a news conference where they mainly claimed that the DPP-led government is not doing enough to develop the country, a move which some government officials have since described as ‘very unfortunate’ as there are many pertinent issues on the table that have to be looked into and cannot be fulfilled at one go.