Ivorian based Tamanyawaka hails support at Sound and Light Concert

Ivorian based Malawian reggae songstress has appreciated great support from her fans and fellow artists gave her during the concert which was held in Salima on September 29 to 30, 2017.

The reggae songstress, Tamanyawaka Chavula travelled from Ivory Coast to perform at Sound and Light Concert.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday, Tamanyawaka said she was delighted with the response of her fans when she was performing on stage during the concert.

“I gave out the best of me during my session and I saw many people were impressed with the songs which I was singing” she noted.

Tamanyawaka added that after she finished her session of performing her fans kept demanding more from her as they were touched with the stage work talent which she had displayed.

“I performed for 20 minutes as other artists did, but after I finished performing on stage my fans were still wanting that I should continue performing” she explained.

Her voice was backed by the Black Missionaries Band during the concert, and according to her the band was a perfect option to support her saying it knows her music touch well having backed her stage performance since 2011.

From her international experience in concerts like Reggae Sunsplash Festival which was held in South Africa where she represented Malawi.

Tamanyawaka described the nature of the sound equipments, organizing committee and the artist who performed at the concert as befitting international class an according to her, the Sound and Light concert was another step forward in her music career.

She said that at Sound and Light Concert she observed the talents which Malawi’s musicians posses hence it needs to be exposed and maintained.

“I see that the future of music in Malawi looks very promising and there a lot of music talents in this country that has to be exposed and supported,” Everlasting Love hit maker observed.

The artist said she was felt good to participate at Sound and Light Concert particularly being engaged with her fans and the Black Missionaries Band.

“I felt great and proud that I was part of the concert and it is an honor that I was part of my own country’s big event and more especially I was part of the headliners of the concert the Black Missionaries Band,” Jamming for the Lord hit star concluded.

Some of the songs which grabbed the attention of her fans was; Malawi mama Africa and soldier.