ECAM engages govt. on labour issues

The relationship that is exists between government and the Employer Consultative Association of Malawi – ECAM has been described as a powerful link between employers and employees.
ECAM Vice President Sean Longwe ECAM Vice President Sean Longwe

Speaking during the 25th Annual General Meeting for ECAM in Blantyre, Minister of Labour, Youth and Man Power development, Francis Kasaira said it is always important for the ministry to engage its stakeholders who help shape the economy.

Kasaira said the feedback they get from the association helps them shape the labour policies that assists the industry to grow and there is coexistence between employers and employees.

“Both ECAM and MCTU come in handy. Both parties have the same vision on the review of the legislation on the labour issues. We want every employee to enjoy full representation in various unions that represent their matters in different forums,” said Kasaira

Addressing the issue of the recent strikes, the Minister said these strikes drag progress in so many ways because it is not only the immediate employers that are affected but also the economy at large.

“Strikes are not a solution to problems. Working conditions are supposed to be negotiable. Sometimes employees cannot get everything they demand and that is why there has to be a structure that is put up to negotiate for them while they are still working,

Vice president for ECAM, Sean Longwe described the AGM as a platform for employees to voice out their concerns in the labour industry and make known of the policies that are set up to carter for their welfare.

“There are activities that we have that make sure that we are doing our jobs in line with the labour laws. This is a platform that allows them to speak to the secretariat. We bring these people together so that we can face and address these challenges together.

He said ECAM will ensure the sustainability of the association so that the council can pursue strategies that will benefit every member.mbc