Govt. hails JTI on graduates’ employment fair

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Francis Kasaila has hailed one of the tobacco buying companies in the country, JTI for supporting Malawi Government programmes that aim at addressing unemployment amongst fresh graduates.

Speaking in Lilongwe during a JTI Career Fair that brought together graduates from public universities, Kasaila said the most challenging period for students is when there is lack of practical training in their field of study and lack of experience in job training.

“Many job vacancies require experience which our fresh graduates do not have and this is the area that JTI has moved in to address therefore directly supporting government’s programs and agenda,” said Kasaila.

He said the JTI Career Fair demonstrates that partnership between the private sector and government is workable in terms of supporting the youth to realize their dreams.

“Government’s major part of employment is youth unemployment which is a challenge that we seem to be addressing at the moment. A partnership on a broad scale can go a long way in addressing youth unemployment challenges in the country. Businesses need to invest in a future labour force as a matter of priority inoder to be assured of its sustainability,” said Kasaila.

Commenting on the same, JTI Leaf Malawi Managing Director Fries Vanneste said the JTI Career Fair focusses on investing in people and helping them relies their full potential.

“Investing in people is a center point of JTI’s business approach as we realise that without people, there is no business. Furthermore, we place emphasis on attracting and retaining the right people with the right experience and skills sets,” said Vanneste.

Vanneste said the Career Fair reaffirms its commitment to Malawian youth in giving them a chance to develop their capacity.

“Graduate Development and Trainee Program is designed to address the constraints faced on the labour market in Malawi by allowing the young graduates to get opportunities to join companies and showcase the talents they have whilst addressing the issue of work experience which is often a hindrance to these graduates when it comes to breaking into the labour force,” he said

Over 30 graduates in different programmes attended the career fair.mbc