Police to deal with people behind ‘You have won a prize’ messages

The Malawi Police Service has said it will arrest scammers who are stealing from Malawians by lying to them that they have won prizes.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said cases of stealing by trick are increasing in the country and he assured that the police will work tirelessly to curb the malpractice.

Some Malawians have been complaining of scammers who lie to people through text or phone call that they have won items such as bicycles and iron sheets and demand money from the ‘winners’ for them to collect their prizes.

According to Kadadzera, they have already arrested some tricksters over similar of-fences.

“We have arrested some people who are being suspected to have been stealing from people through trickery because we have been receiving complaints from the general public of being duped of their hard earned money through receiving messages that they have won iron sheets and the likes,” he said.

The publicist also asked people in the country to verify before sending money to the scammers.

The security providers assured that they will continue investigating on the issue before it goes out of hand.mw24