First European minister Colin Cameron to hold public lecture

The only European member of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s 1964 Cabinet Colin Cameron will hold a public lecture where he will share his experience.

The public lecture will take place at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre on Wednesday evening.

The lecture has come barely three weeks after President Peter Mutharika decorated Cameron, who was Scottish, for his open campaign for the country’s self rule between 1957 and 1964.

Cameron came to Malawi in 1957 to work as a government lawyer but became sympathetic to the independence movement.

He also represented several freedom fighters in their trials during the State of Emergency in March 1959.

Cameron returned to Scotland in 1960 after the expiry of his employment contract only to be called back to Malawi by Malawi’s first President, Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

The Scottish returned to Malawi and contested for a parliamentary seat in Blantyre-Soche in the 1961 general elections, under the advice of Kamuzu Banda.

In the 1964 general elections, Cameron was the only European to be re-elected as a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate and was the only European in the first post independence cabinet.

Cameron resigned from cabinet during the July 1964 Cabinet Crisis and returned to his legal practice where he represented among others, former Minister of Education, Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere, before leaving Malawi in November the same year.

After Malawi returned to multiparty democracy, President Bakili Muluzi invited Cameron, now aged 83, to become the Honorary Consul of Malawi in Scotland.mbc