Veep Chilima ready to fight for DPP

Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima has declared his unwavering support to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) adding he is ready to fight for the party to the very end.
President Mutharika and Vice President (L) President Mutharika and Vice President (L)

Chilima was speaking when he led a team of DPP officials and supporters welcoming President Mutharika to Lilongwe from Blantyre.

This was an apparent response to some reports that have been suggesting that Chilima was having a troubled time in the DPP and that his relationship with President Peter Mutharika was waning.

Taking his turn, Mutharika called for intra-party unity in DPP saying it was the only way the party would pull through the 2019 elections.

“You are my son; don’t listen to what people say. The Vice President is my son,” he said

DPP General Secretary, Greselder Jeffrey, and the party’s Regional Governor for the Center, Dean Josaya Banda took turns in assuring their leader that 2019 victory was inevitable.

“We won from the opposition bench. Imagine how easy it will be winning from inside,” said Wa Jeffrey.

On the other hand, Josaya Banda assured that he would work tirelessly to make sure 80 per cent of DPP votes in 2019 polls are from the Central Region.

President Mutharika was returning from Blantyre where he had presided over the opening of the Mercy James Pediatric Center.mbc