Dr Matchaya is Back From China

Dr. Medson Matchaya who was recognized for his exceptional contribution in the health sector during the 2016 MBC Innovations Awards returned from China on Thursday afternoon.

Last year 10 people were acknowledged for their extraordinary talent in various categories including sports, science, agriculture, and health.

The awardees walked away with K1 million each and a sponsored trip to China for a month long training. Dr. Matchaya was the sixth person to visit the Asian continent and he returned with a joyous spirit telling MBC Online that the trip was fruitful.

“My visit to China was very fruitful and essential for my own personal advancement as well as for the development of the country.

“It was a trip full of experience, gaining extra skills from the experts of China and this was blended with a lot of fun as well; visiting tourist attraction sites and experiencing another culture,” said Dr. Matchaya.

Dr. Matchaya who is the District Health Officer for Blantyre said the most substantial thing he learnt was how China has diverted to pay more attention towards prevention.

“They are very serious with public health, such that much as they are doing a lot in curative, their attention has actually shifted to prevention. I believe this is where we are struggling as Malawi, we are doing well in other aspects but I have learnt more to add on what we are already doing,” said Dr. Matchaya.

Dr. Matchaya added that there is potential to excel in development just by looking at China which was at a level of Malawi in the 1940s, but through collective workforce has managed to advance and supersede other countries.

According to MBC’s Public Relations Officer Chembezi Mhone, the tour is sponsored by the Chinese government through the Chinese embassy in Malawi in partnership with MBC.