Airtel Braille Cup gears up for fourth season

The annual Braille Cup competition for Primary Schools will be held on the 13th and 14th of July this year at Kaliyeka Model Primary School in Area 23, Lilongwe.

Speaking at a cheque handover event from Airtel Malawi, who donated MK3 million towards the competition on Tuesday morning, the Deputy Director of Special Needs Education from the Ministry of Education, Mr. David Mjaidi expressed that this will be the first year that the competition, now in its fourth year, will be held nationally.

“This time we proceeded with a cluster based competition last month in June which involved 16 primary schools competing to qualify for the national competition and out of these 16 schools, 12 have now proceeded to the National competition,” said Mjaidi.

Presenting the cheque on behalf of Airtel, Isabel Kachinjika, said that they were proud to support the visually impaired students who participate in the competition every year.

“Our adopted school, Salima Primary, is an integrated school that has a resource centre for visually impaired students which we continuously support with braille paper, styluses and cubes among other stationery items which the students use and so when the Ministry approached us for support with the competition 3 years ago, it was an opportunity for us to support more students from other learning institutions,” Kachinjika explained.

Last year’s winners of the Braille Cup was Nsiyaludzu Primary School who won cash prizes and other items like Braille paper, universal braille kits, radios, and gift packs.

Airtel has been sponsoring the annual Braille Cup competition for the past 3 consecutive years.

The Braille Cup is a national academic competition for students with visual impairment in Malawi which started in 2014 under the USAID’S Early Grade Reading Activity (EGRA).

This competition is part of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s National Reading Program (NRP)’s approach to improve reading instructions among all learners including those with disabilities. In addition to this, the Braille cup aims to foster a model of academic achievement, good sportsmanship, community involvement and social inclusion.mbc