Malawi to take ‘go-green’ campaign to work places

Government of Malawi has reiterated its commitment to take the g’go-green’ campaign to work places saying it’s the only transformative way to advance decent work and protect the planet earth.

The commitment was made by Henry Mussa, Minister responsible for labour as he delivered his statement on Tuesday, during the 106th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mussa observed that climate change is an indispensable antecedent to sustainable future work outcomes in Malawi and all other countries. “We, therefore, welcome the proposition to adopt a programme budget that will make just work transition to environmental sustainability a cross cutting issue in all our activities, that will ensure creation and protection of jobs.” declared Mussa.

His sentiments were in reaction to Guy Ryder, the Director General of International Labour Organisation (ILO), who earlier on told delegates that nothing will more clearly distinguish the first hundred years of the ILO’s history from the second “than the necessary greening of the world of work”.

Ryder said of his report entitled Work in a changing climate: the Green Initiative when he introduced it to the ILO that it “highlights the potential for greening of production to be a powerful engine for decent work creation and strong and balanced growth and development.”

“We need the right policies to make transition happen and to make it just,” he noted. “And like any process of change at work that will require the combined efforts of governments and of employers and workers through social dialogue.”mbc