Govt starts Ssettling teachers’ leave grants

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has expressed satisfaction with the speed in which government is sorting out the leave grant arrears for teachers in the country.

Secretary General for the Union, Charles Kunchenga told MBC that currently the Treasury has already transferred money to district councils and most of the teachers are receiving the money.

Kunchenga said the Union is optimistic that at the rate things are going, it is likely that all teachers will get leave grant arrears by this Friday, thereby calling off the sit in.

“I can confirm now that government has started paying leave grants to the teachers and three district, Balaka, Machinga and Kasungu have already received their money and the process is on-going. We are certain that teachers will receive their leave grants,” said Kunchenga.

He assured teachers across the country that their money is being processed to reach them in their respective districts.

“Cheques are being signed as we speak and there is no better assurance than this. We are requesting the government to fasten the process as we know that all the district councils have been funded,” he explained.mbcexplained.mbc