PAC Deliberations Expose Regime Change Plans

BLANTYRE, MALAWI – Plans for regime change within the quasi-religious body Public Affairs Committee (PAC) have been confirmed through defiant calls by PAC Delegates to bring down President Peter Mutharika’s government at the sixth 5+1 All Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre.

Responding to Dr Garton Kamchedzera’s presentation on Governance on Wednesday, Vincent Wandale, the self-acclaimed leader of People’s Land Organisation (PLO) and Mr Billy Mayaya, a renowned human rights activist moved a motion for the resignation of government.

But this did not go unchallenged by other delegates of this conference such as Emmie Chanika who warned PAC against causing bloodshed and anarchy if it allows its delegates to push for regime change. She cited examples of Egypt and Iraq.

Dramatically, PAC leaders quickly intervened to dismiss Mayaya and Wandale’s call to bring down government.

Reverend Kansilanga strongly condemned Billy Mayaya and Vincent Wandale saying PAC is not a committee of Parliament. Archbishop Luke Msusa also cautioned the two and said PAC has not organised these meetings for the purposes of regime change. The moderator of the meeting Osman Karim also distanced PAC from regime change sentiments.

Government’s 11-man delegation to the conference did not take regime change calls lightly. Government team all stood up in protest and cautioned regime change proponents against hijacking PAC conference to suit their own egos and political interests.

The conference is in the second and last day today, Thursday 8 June 2017.