Man nabbed for setting church on fire

Police in Kasungu have arrested Benjamin Kabanga, 27 for setting ablaze a church belonging to the Church of Christ over allegation that the pastor of the church was having a sexual affair with his wife.

According to Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa, the incident happened on May 23, 2017 in Nephtali village where the church is situated. It is alleged that, the pastor of the church in question (name withheld) have had a stint of sexual affair with the suspect’s wife. It is further alleged that, the suspect had been accusing his wife of the alleged sexual affair with the pastor for sometime which at times could compell the suspect to beat his wife.

“On the day the suspect committed the offence, Kabanga had a quarrel with his wife on the same issue to the extent of assaulting her. Kabanga’s wife fled to the pastor’s house in question where she slept. This did not go well with the suspect upon seeing his wife seeking refugee in the house of the man he accused of having an affair with his wife. Kabanga then rushed to the church where the allegged pastor ministers and set it ablaze,” explained Mzingwitsa.

Mzingwitsa further said that Kabanga has been charged with Arson. He will appear before court soon to answer the charge leveled against him.

Benjamin Kabanga comes from Matako village, Traditional Authority Chitanthamapiri in Kasungu district.mbc