Police arrest Nkhata Bay NBS Bank Robber

Police in Nkhata Bay are keeping in custody a 25 year old man suspected of robbing an NBS Bank in Nkhata Bay over the weekend.

According to Nkhata Bay Police Publicist, Igneous Esau the man Brighton Banda together with eight others currently at large broke into the bank and store CCTV Unit and Digital Subscriber Line Gadget among others.

Esau further said during the incident the suspects tampered with Auto Teller Machine back door, Chubb door and three desktop computers but no cash was stolen.

“Nkhata Bay NBS Service Centre Manager, Gloria Chirwa is reported to have closed the bank with two G4S guards on duty, but at around mid night, eight unknown criminals jumped into the fence and tied both guards with ropes.

“They later proceeded to the banking hall where they store some equipment,” said Esau.


The Police Publicist further said when they were informed about the break in they rushed to the scene where they managed to arrest Banda, recovered the Uninterrupted Power System Unit and also weapons that the robbers used which included crow bar and hammers.


Meanwhile Police are further investigating the matter before taking the suspect to  court to answer charges of breaking into a building and committing a crime that contradicts section 311(1) of the country’s Penal Code.