MDF Soldiers to construct temporary Bridge at Jalawe

jalaweAs motorists remain stranded at Jalawe in Rumphi, government has engaged the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to construct a temporary bridge since authorities are facing challenges rehabilitating the main Jalawe Bridge.

The bridge which is along M1 in Rumphi was washed away by heavy rains a week ago. Torrential rains are still falling in the area and are undermining efforts to rehabilitate the demolished part of the road.

Roads Authority Acting Chief Executive Officer Sam Kadangwe told the local media that that there was too much water flowing and backfilling could not withstand the pressure of water.

As a long term solution for the road, the Roads Authority has said it has identified a contractor to fix concrete culverts since the culverts were too old and narrow hence failure to withstand the pressure.

The temporary fix by the MDF however will allow for resumption of traffic flow on one of the most important roads in the Northern Region.

The damage on the road has already affected victims of floods in Karonga as trucks carrying foodstuffs for the victims are stuck in Mzuzu.mw24