Victims of MCP oppression, demand compensation from the party

mcp victimsBetween 1964 and the dawn of democracy in 1994 in the country, a lot of Malawians who were of opposing views to those of Malawi Congress Party leadership were forced into exile or detained.

Treza Gondwe Kanyoli is one of the numerous victims of forced exile and political detention in the MCP regime.

“We were forced to leave because if we stayed, we could die. So we went to Tanzania to seek refuge. Life was not easy there,” said Gondwe whose husband was working in the fisheries department.

The Malawi Congress Party was given 10 years to compensate the victims as the ones being responsible for the tortures under its autocratic leadership.

But only few are reportedly to have been paid, hence many more demanding the same.

“10 years is long gone and we have not received our dues. We hear some were paid but for us in Karonga we have not received any penny. In the democratic system the MCP has to pay us back,” said furious Charles M’dimba Mwenifumbo, chairperson of the Karonga detainees task force, a grouping of over 100 Malawians who were victimized by the MCP regime.

Condemning the oppressing leadership of the MCP, Garnet Kamwambi who is Former Electoral commissioner and was exiled by the MCP, says this must be done with immediate effect.

“We are using the word immediately because it has taken long for them (MCP) to compensate us. This time it is not about begging them, we are demanding them to give us our monies now,” said Kamwambi.mbc