Over 150 Families Hit by Floods in Salima

saliMassive floods from Lifidzi River have reportedly displaced over 150 families at Mtauchila Village in the area of Tradional Authority Pemba in the lake district of Salima over the weekend.
The floods have also destroyed houses and also washed away crops and animals while the road network has also not been spared either.
Salima District Meteorological Service Officer Mr. Newton Chirambo has told the local media that the floods are a result of heavy rains that have persisted in the district and neighboring districts of Dedza and Lilongwe.
Speaking to MANA, the Assistant District Disaster Risks Management Officer, Blessings Kamtema, said the displaced people have been camped at Chikowa School Evacuation Center in the area of T/A Ndindi.
“The floods began on Saturday and escalated on Sunday to the extent that houses were submerged, a thing which led us to order a quick evacuation. And considering the situation, we have gone ahead to set this camp because the situation remains life threatening and we do not want to gamble,” said Kamtema.
Kamtema said that the district council has already sounded SOS to well wishers and its partners at district and national level to get assistance to support the camp.
“So far, we are able to mobilize resources within, we have response from Red Cross, COOPPI and indeed government sectors like Health and others that are in the Disaster Management Team,” said Kamtema.
He explained that as of Monday they were expecting more tents and food staff to be delivered at the camp from both government and partners.
Speaking in an Interview T/A Pemba said that he was touched with the disaster which has taken away hope from families that were a step away from the hunger situation resulted from last year’s drought.
“Although no person has died from the floods, we are shocked with the damage especially in our maize fields, you know these people were already facing food shortages and were relying on the crops to recover but the damage will be a setback,” said Pemba.