‘IT WILL BE AS IF THEY DIED’ Uncle of Madonna’s daughter Mercy, 10, warns family not to let singer adopt their twins

THE uncle of Madonna’s adopted daughter Mercy has urged the family of the twins the singer is trying to adopt from Malawi not to let them go because it will be “as if [their] children have died”.

The warning came from the relatives of Mercy James, who was adopted by the singer eight years ago, after it emerged she is allegedly seeking to adopt another two children from the African nation.

Despite earlier denying the claims, it has been reported that the 58-year-old is in the process of adopting twin girls Esther and Stella Mwale, aged four, and a judge is still considering the fate of her application.

The case should be decided within the next two weeks.

madona and children2

According to the Mail on Sunday, last night, in a message to the twins’ family, Mercy’s uncle Peter Banet warned: “You may never see your children again, never have contact with them. It will be as if your children have died. That is the pain we feel every day.

“I put my hand up in court, swore an oath and signed the adoption consent. I can never forgive myself for that, and there is sadness and disappointment throughout my family. I have to take the blame. I am ashamed.

“If you agree to the adoption you will need all your strength. You will need to face the future as if your children are dead and gone.”

Mr Banet, whose 14-year-old sister, Mwandida, died after giving birth, told the paper his family has not seen Mercy, now ten, since she was taken to New York in 2009.

She has been taken on “cultural visits” to Malawi but her family has never been informed.

They claim to have been “tricked” into believing Mercy would stay in touch and one day return home.

Her uncle added: “We want to ask Madonna, ‘Do you not care at all about Mercy’s family? Her family is here, alive, and we want to see her and talk to her’.

“We are her birth family, her blood relatives, and we don’t even know where she is. No one is listening to us. We have been very badly deceived.”

Despite reports citing court officials – and journalists in Lilongwe claiming they were stopped from taking snaps of the star – Madonna denied that the claims were true.

In a statement to the Sun Online she said: “I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi, and then heading home.

“The rumours of an adoption process are untrue.”

The singer’s publicist Barbara Charone told Sun Online: “It’s not true. I can’t get into a conversation with you, all I can tell you is it’s not true.”

Ms Charone refused to confirm whether or not the singer had been at the court in Malawi.