China to maintain Bingu National Stadium for 3 years

The People’s Republic of China Thursday promised to continue providing technical maintenance support at Bingu National stadium for the next three years.

This was disclosed when Malawi government and Chinese government signed a technical cooperation and office equipment and material agreement amounting to MK2.2Million in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Shi Ting Wang said the support follows an appeal that was made by the Malawi Government for the provision of technology and technicians for the stadium.

“Through the cooperation, we will help Malawi government properly operate and maintain the stadium. Seven experts will be dispatched to provide technical service on the operation and maintenance of the facilities,” the ambassador said.

He added, “Under this technical cooperation project, the Chinese government will also conduct training courses for Malawi’s technical staff, and provide necessary spare and accessory parts.”

Out of the total amount, MK1.6 million is for the maintenance of the stadium while MK690,000 is for the office equipment and material for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Shi Ting said the donation of office equipment was one way of improving working conditions in the Ministry.

“This donation will provide a comparative comfortable working environment to the officials at the Ministry of industry, trade and tourism and this will greatly improve their working condition,” the Chinese Ambassador explained.

Goodall Gondwe, Malawi’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development saluted the Chinese government for its continued support.

Gondwe said ever since Malawi established bilateral relationship with China, there have been enormous benefits for the country.

“For the 9 Years that we have been in relationship with China, we have a lot to point at. For instance, the Stadium a facility that stands out in the capital city, the Parliament building , the Malawi University of Science and  Technology(MUST) just to mention a few,” said Gondwe.

The Minister then said the technical cooperation support for the stadium and the donation of office equipment were some of the many things that the country needed and Malawi as a country will always be grateful to the Chinese people.

Both the Minister and Chinese Ambassador have appealed to Malawian to take good care of the sports facility and office equipment and materials.