International journalist questioned on dress code in parliament

ParliamentDressing code in Parliament took centre stage on Thursday when an international journalist filming a documentary entered the honorable house without a jacket.

The international journalist who prior asked for permission to film in the chamber was busy doing his job when member for Mzimba Hora honorable Christopher Mzomera Ngwira stood on a point of order to question on the dressing.

“Mr speaker sir, I’m aware that a notice was given to the house on a visiting video crew that will shoot a documentary in the house, but is it in order for the cameraman to do his job in the house without putting on a jacket as per our standing orders?” asked Ngwira.

This send the whole house into laughter before the speaker responded. The speaker asked Hon. Member to state the standing order that state on the dressing of members and also visitors which he clearly mentioned as standing order number 205.

“Hon. Members it is true that our own standing orders have directed us on putting on jackets in the chamber and maybe it was an oversight from my office that we did not tell them about the dress code, but I think it is a small matter,” said the speaker.

Hon Richard Msowoyo continued to say that it was not in order and that if the member wishes so he can boot out the cameraman to adhere to the dress code.
As the members were still making noise commenting on the matter a producer for the crew went out to look for a jacket for her colleague. Luckily a jacket was found and the cameraman wore it right there and continued with his duties.