Break the Cultural Cycle of Depending on Teachers only

pupilThe cultural cycle that teaching a child to read and write remains the duty of teachers has been blamed for the poor performance in reading by most learners in the country.
Mzuzu Education Division Inspector of Schools Steven Mwenda made the remarks during a training in reading for various education players being by conducted by the National Reading Program-NRP.
Mwenda said children spend most of their time with parents at home hence the need for them to take a leading role in helping them improve their reading and writing skills.
“We spend six hours with the children and the rest of the time is spent with parents so let’s share the load,” said Mwenda.
Mwenda however said the program has started very well and is bearing the desired fruits.mbc
“We have kick started the program at a good note, teachers too are doing what is required of them and even the learners have improved on their reading skills,” he said.
He then called for extra efforts in making the program a success.
One of the parents attending the training Zizipizgani Banda said the program is a milestone in improving the reading culture amongst learners in the country.
“In other countries children start reading at tender ages but in our case a standard eight learner is having challenges in reading, so the program will help solve the challenge,” she said.
Banda then urged other parents to make deliberate efforts in making sure that their children improve their reading skills.
Government introduced the reading program as one way of improving the reading culture amongst the learners in the country.mbc