Use proper travel documents: Foreign Affairs Minister Advices Malawians

kasaMalawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Francis Kasaila has advised people in the country to use proper documents when travelling abroad.
He was reacting to reports that over 200 Malawians have been detained at Lindela Detention Camp in South Africa for not having travel documents.
Kasaila told public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) that the number of Malawians travelling to South Africa without proper documents is increasing.
“It is illegal to travel to a foreign country without documentations and without that country issuing you a valid visa to stay,” said Kasaila.
Therefore, the Minister requested all Malawians willing to travel abroad to make sure that they have proper documents and if they are going there for a job, to make sure that they already have the job offer, experience and expertise.
He further advised people seeking greener pastures outside the country to ensure that they posses academic qualifications in order to get better jobs.
“That’s why the office of President came up with the community colleges in all districts to train the youths and equip them with different skills so that when they travel outside the country at least they should be able to compete internationally,” he explained.
Most Malawians are travelling abroad searching for greener pastures in countries like South Africa, Mozambique,Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia.mbc