Teacher Mpamire and Kansiime to storm Malawi

Ugandan stand-up comedy queen Annie Kansiime is coming back to perform in the country and this time she is coming with her Ugandan compatriot Techer Mpamire.

The two will perform at College of Medicine Sports Complex on November for and it will be the first time for Mpamire, courtesy of iMPALA marketing agency.

“By public demand, we are bringing back Annie Kansiime together with Teacher Mpamire. The show will be at College of Medicine on November 4,” said the agency’s Petros Mazunda.

“The two will also come with Cotilda Inapo who is Kansiime’s creative manager. Blantyre fans have been complaining that Kansiime has always been to Lilongwe only. So, as we go towards Christmas, we thought of giving fans what they can smile about.”

Mpamire, real name Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, said he is excited to perform in Malawi for the first time and he cannot wait to meet “his students”.

“This is my first time in Malawi. My fans and ‘students’ should be ready to enjoy the show because I am going to ‘kill’ them. I am going to teach them until when they say ‘eeeeeee Teacher Mpamire, what went wrong? What went what? It is going to be a bloody live comedy class,” he said.

The comedian, host, speaker and stand-up comedy director holds degrees in Education and Drama, among others, and is currently a high school teacher.

He draws inspiration from his memory of his former high school history teacher and started trending as Teacher Mpamire in 2014 having performed stand-up comedy in Nairobi (Kenya), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), London and West Ham (United Kingdom), New York City, New Jersey, and Washington DC (United States) and Ndola (Zambia).

“Performing alongside Kansiime is always special for me because she has been my mentor and my hero. Kansiime has seen my talent growing especially since I started Teacher Mpamire brand two years ago.

“Besides, we have been on stage together for over 10 years as we belong to the same comedy group, FunFactory, in Kampala. So, I feel no pressure, but rather a plus,” said Mpamire.



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