Group Village Chekucheku Salutes APM

peter mutharikaWritten By Robert Kumwenda
Group Village Chekucheku of Neno has hailed State President of the Republic of Malawi Professor Arthurr Peter Mutharika for opening a Rural Growth Centre in his area through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development centre.
The Group Village said the late President Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda built them a rural growth centre but was very small as compared to the current one.
“People were worried because the work was not going as planned,” he said.
He said in 2002 the former President Dr Bakili Muluzi upon hearing the history of Neno that between Neno and Mwanza, Neno was the first to be declared as a district, he then declared Neno as a district.
This happened when he heard complaints from the family of T/A Chekucheku about the history of Neno and Mwanza respectively he said.
It was discovered that although Neno was a district there was no tangibledevelopment but the late President Professor Bingu wa Mutharika was the one who championed the development at Neno rural growth centre.
“The people of Neno will never forget the late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika for initiating development of Neno rural growth centre,” he said.
Group Vilage Chekucheku also said that he is thanking the current President for promising them that he will build a bridge at Lisungwi river.
He said because the road where the bridge passes was used by the colonial leaders when they were making a boundary between Nyasaland now Malawi and Mozambique in 1800.
“They were coming from Neno district council to make a boundary up to Ntcheu as well as from Neno district council to Chikwawa, that time Mwanza was not a district,” he said.
He said Mwanza was known because of Berry bridge at Mpatamanga during the colonial rule.
He added that the same route was used by the Colonial leaders on their way from Blantyre to walkers Ferry through Lisungwi river to Neno as there were no cars at that time.(They were using what is known today as Machila.
He therefore, said as people from T/A Chekucheku they wish the President all the best and he should continue helping the people of Neno in various development activities. The rural growth centre was officially opened on 23 June 2016.