Blantyre Baptist Academy Pupils Visit Mulanje Mountain

Written By Steve Chindongo
As one way of getting upclose with nature and places of interest pupils of Blantyre Baptist Academy recently went on an education visit to the majestic Mulanje Mountain and eventually appreciated this island in the sky.
The Grade 5 pupild had fun and enlightenment as along the way they were being briefed by their teachers what they saw in relation to what they learn in class.
When they reached the foot of the tallest mountain in Africa, they went up to their destination the mystic Dziwe la Nkhalamba Dam where legend has it has it used to be frequented by old people and bathed in it without being noticed by others.
According to a native of the area Felix Sikelo the Dam is 60 metres deep.
The pupils themselves really appreciated their acquaintance with what they saw as evidenced by one Khanyisile Mphokani.
“I have learned about nature, it’s wonderful and beautiful and God really does exist,” she observed.
When asked about the aim of the education visit, one of the teachers Harris Kajawo said the whole essence behind the journey was for the learners to know some of the interesting places in the country because they have a topic on tourism in their syllabus.
“They have appreciated the nature and beauty of the country as you may rightly call its difficult to see nature in town from water to vegetation,” he said.
He continued explaining that each year they have such initiatives per class according to their syllabus and have been to Mulanje Mountain for three consecutive years.
When further quizzed why they stuck to the same place he answered, “We wanted to go to the tea industry but they did not accommodate us due to their bust schedules but next time around we will,” Kajawo remarked.
One interesting factor according to Kajawo is the irrigation farming using sprinker method which the pupils appreciated and incidentally it’s in their syllabus as well.
“What I can add is that as Malawians we must have a culture of travelling since its beautiful and those who have been here appreciate the beauty of this place and we should be in the forefront in visiting such places,” Kajawo concluded.