Airtel Continues to Sponsor Braille Cup

airtelFor a second year running, leading mobile operators Airtel Malawi has sponsored Malawi’s third national Braille cup, a reading competition for blind learners by making a donation of K4.5 million towards the competition.
Managing Director for Airtel Malawi, Charles Kamoto said as a brand they believe in the power of potential and that the Braille cup is a perfect illustration that disability is not inability.
“Our commitment to this noble cause is influenced by the need to promote the importance of literacy in the life of a child who is visually impaired; the need to encourage such students to stay in school and excel in college and ultimately to raise the expectations of teachers, families and communities for students who are visually impaired to succeed,” He said.
The K4.5 million sponsorship `will cater for logistical costs and various prizes for winners and the competition is held under the USAID Early Grade Reading Activity (EGRA) project.
The contest will bring together 40 primary school learners who will compete in five challenging categories that include comprehension, spelling, reading for speed accuracy, proof reading and oral presentation of an essay.
Contracts Officer for USAID Kevin Roberts said when receiving the donation that many education systems in the world are facing a challenge in providing quality education for children with special needs.
“Too often children with special needs have been set apart and excluded. Too often they are made to feel that there is no place for them in the life of our society, that they do not count and have nothing to contribute.
“This attitude is a great disservice to these beautiful children, to their families and to Malawi. We need to refute the commonly held belief that disabled people inherently lack potential to contribute positively to society,” said Roberts.
The Braille cup is the only national academic competition for reading and writing for the blind and visually impaired students in Malawi. Students compete both as individuals and on behalf of the schools and communities they represent.
This year the competition will include learners from five resource centres for the blind located at Ekwendeni, Malingunde, Nyisaludzu, Salima LEA primary schools and Montfort Demonstration School.
The competition will be held on Friday June 17th at Montfort Demonstration School in Nguludi, Chiradzulu. mana