Mussa Says Ministry to employ Labour Inspectors

henry mussaMalawi’s minister of labour and manpower development says it plans to employ 17 youths who are expected to be inspecting working conditions of employees in different companies and organizations.
According to the minister responsible, Henry Mussa, the Malawi government is now considering procedures to follow when employing these youths.
He added that the government is committed to making sure that all employees are working in good conditions and that they are not being ignored by their bosses.
“The government has allowed us to employ enough inspectors to go to each and every company and make sure that employees are working on good conditions.
“They will also be looking at security of the employees during working hours and if against this, the law will take its course,” said Musa.
The minister further said this is just the start as the country needs more inspectors than the stated number of 17 so that they can cover the three regions of the country.
According to Mussa, the inspectors will be grouped according to the areas they specialized in. This is to say those specialized in the brewery, will be inspecting all the breweries. Mw24