Blantyre Baptist Academy Soars High

Education is a catalyst for the national development of any country and it is for this reason that Blantyre Baptist Academy continue to soar high in this important sector owing to its strict discipline.
In a recent exclusive interview with Maravi Express Headteacher Mc Novace Potani said the institution was incepted in 2009 with only 70 students and 6 teachers but over the years they have swelled to 395 students with 198 boys and 197 girls which is an evenly distributed number.
“The reason we opened this school was because of high demand on our sister school Blantyre Baptist Christian School which has one stream and could not accommodate all students and it prompted the authorities to come up with this institution,” Potani explained.
He went on elaborating that they don’t compromise in their teaching by ensuring that standards with their sister school are the same and also that the culture is maintained adding that the rest of the teachers have been employed in the growth of the school.
“Our first public examinations for standard 8 was in 2011 with 14 students and registered a 100% pass rate to Chichiri Secondary School and over the years our pass rate has remained the same with 98% percent selection rate and in 2015, 19 students went to different national secondary schools,” said the Head teacher.
He added that their secret to achievements is twofold; hard work and discipline.
“What motivates us is the saying which goes if you want to do the best be a servant. Parents are paying and we don’t want them to get mediocrity, we want every student to be fruitful in society
Potani explained that the school is not for the elite as others may think because what they offer in comparison to other schools they are the cheapest hence calling upon parents to send their children to the school and see the difference. Here we offer Malawi Syllabus but integrated with the Bible and the teacher student ratio is 1: 25,” concluded the Head teacher. – Written By Steve Chindongo – Edited by Richard Chinansi