Minister Says Ruling Party Not Involved in Press Corporation Activities

The Government of the Republic of Malawi has distanced itself from reports that it intends to snatch Press Corporation Limited (PCL) from other shareholders, Maravi Express Understands.
There have been reports circulating that the DPP wants to impose its top officials on PCL and Press Trust Boards.
However, Government Spokesperson who is also Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, Jappie Mhango, said in a statement dated March 17, 2016, and made available the local media that the reports were untrue.
Mhango was responding to recent media reports that accused DPP gurus of being at the helm of the said mess at PCL.
The minister alleged that the mess at PCL was simply the work of some top Senior PCL members whom he said wanted to tarnish the image of Government and the DPP through “baseless allegations whilst trying to mask the rot at PCL”.
He said the Board of Press Trust had mostly comprised of more Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Members than any other party.
Said Mhango in the statement: “Currently, the Trustees include the MCP Treasurer General, Mr Tony Kandiero and Honourable Nancy Tembo, who is a former MCP Parliamentarian, as well as an MCP nominee on the Malawi Electoral Commission. Also on this Board are Dr. George Kayambo and Mrs Chioko who are certainly not DPP Sympathisers.
“The remaining Press Trustees, who are far from being DPP sympathisers, appointed their replacements i.e. Mr Chisanga and Mr Chirwa, under the same law, the same Board of Trustee appointed Mr Chidyaonga and Prof Peter Mwanza to PCL Board.”
Mhango said if it was a matter of questioning appointments, people should start with the appointment of the Group Chief Executive (GCE) 14 years ago who the minister said never went through Board interviews nor proper legal channels.
Government has since demanded an urgent shareholders meeting to assess the extent of the mismanagement at PCL and start taking remedial measures, according to Mhango.