Dikamawako Arts says future looking good

Dikamawako Arts through its Founder and Director, Tawonga Nkhonjera has said this year they have a lot to offer fans in music, theatrical plays and films.

Tawonga first highlighted the new single that their musician Muhanya will soon be releasing.

“Our musician Muhanya will be releasing a new single titled ‘Be your friend’ which is the first off his yet to be released second album ‘Failure’ and to twist things a little, the video will be launched on one of the yet to be announced Tv channels live,” explained Tawonga.

He also said with the growing demand for theatre the crew is rehearsing a play for production which is expected to be done end April saying; “The first play is a tragedy which is titled ‘A dry pond’ and the second which is a one man play is called ‘Taking Madiba’ and we are working around the clock to make sure they are ready by the said date.”

To wrap things up Tawonga spoke about the much impressive Film B’ella which has been invited to numerous international film festivals from last year and is currently participating in another one.

“B’ella is in competition in Belgium at Afrika Film Festival which is currently underway and from there they will compete at Amakula Film Festival in Uganda,” he explained.

The movie B’ella is about teens in Malawi, a school film showing life of students, their problems and experiences.