Hell Breaks Loose: Sembereka Caught in a Quandary, Loses Two Jobs

Rev Fr. Sembereka enjoying a beer with a female companion on one his many nights-outs
Rev Fr. Sembereka enjoying a beer with a female companion on one his many nights-outs

Rev Fr. Sembereka enjoying a beer with a female companion on one his many nights-outs

It does not rain but pours for former President Joyce Banda’s Special Assistant on Non-Governmental Organizations, Reverend MacDonald Sembereka. Having earlier left Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with HIV/AIDS (MANERELA) to become President Banda’s Advisor in 2012, and later failed miserably as an MP, Sembereka was only able to return to MANERELA because the Executive Director who was hired in his place, Mr. Domoya had died after suffering from high blood pressure.

In June of 2015, Reverend Sembereka felt that being the Executive Director of MANERELA was not enough and he secretly landed a job with Global Interfaith Network, a faith-based NGO in the Republic of South Africa.

Global Interfaith Network was established in 2014 to protect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people’s rights and Reverend Sembereka was its first Executive Director.

However, our South African sources revealed to us that five months on that job, colleagues discovered Sembereka’s incompetence and grave financial mismanagement. The Reverend is said to have been traveling around the globe more than he was in office doing the company’s work. This caused funds meant for other operations to be depleted without a stop and the faith-based NGO could no longer sustain keeping him around. He was fired on grounds of incompetence and abuse of funds in December of 2015.

Reverend Sembereka got a shock of the year in January when he returned from South Africa jobless and landed in a quandary after discovering that the Board of MANERELA led by Rev. Mataka of Assemblies of God had also fired him, again on the grounds of fraud and incompetence after observing that he was no longer delivering as Executive Director, yet he was still getting a full salary. MANERELA could no longer keep him around.

In a last and desperate attempt to fight for his local job, Reverend Sembereka rushed to seek an injunction last week Monday. In a dramatic turn of events, on Wednesday, Lilongwe High Court threw out the injunction and the presiding judge referred the matter to industrial court.

According to sources within MANERELA, Reverend MacDonald Sembereka is currently broke and leading a miserable life. He can no longer afford his promiscuous lifestyle where he goes drinking with prostitutes.