Four Killed in Neno on Witchcraft Allegations

Four elderly men have been killed by an angry mob in Neno district on allegations that they were practicing witchcraft, it has been learnt.
According to Neno Police Publicist Sergent Raphael Kaliati, the four have been identified as 86-year-old Eliza Kanjete, 76-year-old Ellenefa Kanjete, 73-year-old Byson Kanjete and 69-year-old Idesi Julius Kanjete.
He has since told the local media that no arrests have been made so far but the Police have intensified their investigations into the gruesome killings of the four.
He further explained that the situation on the ground was still tense adding that preliminary investigations were yet to be concluded.
He explained that an irate mob descended on the four on allegations that they were behind the killing of 17 year old Flora Kanjete, who died after she was struck by lightning on Monday.
Post-mortem has shown that the four died due to severe injuries sustained during the mob assault.
All victims, from the same family, hailed from Chimbalanga village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A Dambe in Neno District.