Of Bushiri And His Amass Of Wealth

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: Rising on the wealth ladder
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: Rising on the wealth ladder

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: Rising on the wealth ladder

Miracle money is trending, the name Bushiri is stuck at the back of people’s tongues and it is failing to fade away since it came to limelight years ago.

The Enlightened Gathering Church (ECG) ministry is growing every day amid hiccups and disapproval from some quarters. From a humble beginning in the small city of Mzuzu, the ministry boasts of thousands of followers today, and its leader is now swimming in riches.

At one point I thought the ministry was going to die like other briefcase ministries before it, but it is growing strong every day.

Bushiri’s name was in tatters years back when a woman had a claim that the man of God had implanted a seed in her that sprouted into a son, an allegation the stylish prophet trashed as false and as the earth continue to revolve around the sun, the story like many other sex scandals is slowly rotting and soon it will be forgotten and whether the son is his or not, only God knows.

Last year the prophet also made headlines owing to his iPad-capturing miracle that made people to question his spirituality. The famous “iPapa” clip attracted huge criticism from the general public and out of desperation to prove his Godly powers, the youthful and energetic man of God claimed yet another miracle and instead of proving he is a true man of God he became a laughingstock with his clip where he claimed to have walked on air.

In the clip, the prophet comes down the stairs and before stepping on the last stair he walks on air. I watched the video many times trying to appreciate the miracle but I couldn’t; maybe because I have a wavering faith, that I don’t know, but to some extent, I blame the man who was entrusted to handle the camera during the miracle’s shooting.

The man by profession didn’t do a good job. Why on earth would he show us a man walking on air but only capturing his legs. If he really walked on air, the cameraman betrayed him and next time Bushiri must hire professionals.

Despite all the bad publicity the man of God receives, he continues to woe the masses at his gatherings, to the point of filling up a large stadium in the Rainbow Nation. In a short space of time he has risen to stardom and has accumulated a huge amount of wealth.

In few years Bushiri has displayed to the whole world that it is possible to turn things around in the blink of an eye.

In a short period of time Shepherd owns mines and wells of oil, he has a university in Sudan and I don’t have to mention his three jets. The man of God has also disclosed that by March 2016 he will open a bank, a mobile company and plans are underway to open a university in South Africa.

When he jetted into this country last week, the prophet settled the dust flying around that he is milking his followers and using church money to enrich himself. The man of God told the media that he has personal businesses and hard work has earned him all the wealth he has at his disposal.

Reaching this point, I would like to commend him for his hard work that has led him to his envious success. I know it is not easy because a lot have worked for what he has today and they have lost it to life trying.

I would like to applaud the prophet for all the investment because although they are personal they will also help the sons and daughters of Africa. Bushiri’s investments are one way of addressing the soaring unemployment among the youth and a boost to the ailing African economy.

I would also like to commend the self-acclaimed major prophet for the donations he made to floods victims in different parts of the country and I hope next time he will also extend a helping hand to others in need.

I know a lot of people are saying a lot about the prophet and some have even questioned his prophethood and without mincing words others have called him a false prophet in the last days.

I don’t want to join the bandwagon of criticizing the man of God or in any way calling him bogus. I know I don’t have the faith that you have but what I know is that it is not in our power to judge one another because we all fall short of the glory of God.

As sinners, we have now forgotten about the problem in our respective churches and we have the audacity and power to judge Shepherd. We have forgotten that we have pastors who are drunkards, adulterous, and corrupt but they stand on pulpits every week preaching the gospel and we praise and respect them as men of God. We have church leaders who are amassing wealth for themselves only that they cannot afford a jet. But instead of addressing these problems we are blinded by the presence of a young, energetic, self-proclaimed major prophet, the fountain of miracle money, jobs, families, you name it that we have buried our in-house problems.

Some people have suggested that the man of God should sell his jets and help the poor. Really? Are we even serious? Some of the people who utter these words are driving posh cars and one would wonder why they don’t buy a Nissan March and channel the change to charity? Some of you own most expensive mobile phones in the world yet someone you sit next to in church is sleeping on an empty stomach and what I am asking is that we should please search our souls before we judge others.

Well done Shepherd Bushiri for your hard work. I don’t care how you spend your money because it is your money and you have the right to spend it the way you want.

Some of us spend our hard-earned money on beer, prostitutes and all sorts of worldly things and no one questions our expenditure so what is there to stop the prophet to spend and enjoy his money the way he deems right?

The only answer I would like to hear from the prophet minus the word miracle is on how he rose from poverty to prosperity in such a short period of time. How did you come to own mines, jets, a university, and all the business ventures you claim to have and plan to bankroll. What’s your secret prophet? I will not ask you to sell one of your jets to help the poor, because the money realized from the jet sell cannot curb poverty in this country. What I am asking from you is to share with us your secret major one, so that we can walk in your footsteps and wave good bye to poverty