A Phrase for Chiwamba’s Mathanyula Takana and Zikomo Kwambiri: a Man of the People

Robert Chiwamba: His poetry has become a voice for the voiceless masses.
Robert Chiwamba: His poetry has become a voice for the voiceless masses.

Robert Chiwamba: His poetry has become a voice for the voiceless masses

I imagine the voice. I feel the pain. Insanity. The path Robert Chiwamba’s Takana Mathanyula and Zikomo kwambiri will tread has been travelled before by humanity. Art. Culture. Religion. Science. The message is clear. No to homosexuality. I imagine the lyrics. A distance from the hyperbole that resonates along with Mudzafa imfa yowawa. Or, somewhere closer to the message he spits at the neo-colonizer in The Warm Heart of Mdulidwe. “Siapa mwabwera ndi chithumba chandalama za okwatirana amuna okhaokha kaya akazi okhaokha…” I call him a neo-pioneer of the fight against imperialism in the absence of the late Ngwazi Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika. Ngwazi should be smiling at Mpumulo wa Bata. He has found a re-incarnate.

It’s all joy when the spirit of umunthu (not ubunthu because you’ll connote a Mandela context to it) gets manifested in our blood: the youth. This time, the voice of the people has chanted down Babylon ensemble. (Do not think of the Rastaman you saw in Area 17, on that peace-coloured tabernacle, preaching to brethren and sistren about downing Babylon). As some under the guise of silence is gold in this bend-your-back-if-you-need-aid era shun the talk, the man of the people has broken the silence.

Chiwamba said he was excited in breaking the news. Did the man have an idea how exciting that news was? We are all super-excited now. He’s caught us unawares. He’s joined the list of our land’s heroes.

The land Kamuzu Banda liberated. My granny ploughed, Tcheya plundered. Bingu fixed. Amayi re-plundered. The patches we are trying to fix. Together as a people. And to think that some morons would re-emerge to haunt us in the name of minority wrongs? (I know rights). You know how that hurts? Thank heavens people that have a voice have covered our backs. Bingu. Lucius Banda. Black Missionaries. Ken Msonda. (Salute Msonda. We never even shitted in our pants when devil came wielding zikwanje with threats of chitokosi). Henry Kachaje, we see you. Respect. Robert Chiwamba. The clergy.

We thought you would abandon us as some have. I will petition Chancellor College’s Faculty of Law some day. I want to understand the transitional rituals there. Because I have lost friends to immorality in the name of law. Ask me. I follow no man’s law. I follow God’s law. Sounds familiar? Bob Marley. You know Bob. Robert Nesta Marley. Robert. Chiwamba. Gays must be bobbed. If they refuse to sin no more.

Chiwamba’s Takana Mathanyula will be a perfect way of letting God reign. Our way. Permitting humanity reign. You can only be born gay if your very birth resulted from gay sex. And that’s impossible. So, stop the lie that you are born gay nigger. You are paid to be gay. Gay slave. Like, you sold your soul to the devil. You are paid to spread the lie that gays are born. Gay slave. You should’ve been pooed out at birth if you were gay. Were you?

I admire our activists’ courage though. How do you despise the same terminal that showed you light just for money in the name of civilization? Just how? After this, they will ask you to hold hands with pedophiles. There’s proof you will. Bend your back if you need aid. Bend your back if you need a potbelly like your boss. We said the age of slavery is gone. David Diop’s bones are giggling all over the negritude cemetery. He had no idea of what the new educated elite would transform into when he passed on. De l’esclave d’hier un combattant est né. Seriously? (From the slave of yesterday a fighter is born). Do you also see it that way? If he was referring to the masses, yes David. Our fathers and mothers gave birth to us. Robert Chiwamba is that combattant. Every single man and woman who has risen against this evil is that combattant.

Next week Chiwamba addresses Americans. He better undress them too. Next week, Chiwamba reminds us we haven’t lost Africa to vultures. Despite our poverty. We are a free people. Next week Chiwamba praises Bingu. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Next week, Chiwamba talks Yahya Jammeh and the Gambia. Next week Chiwamba parades the hero in the movement. Uncle Robert Gabriel Mugabe. (Did you know he was once knighted by the Queen?). Robert. Chiwamba. Next week Chiwamba talks Yoweri Museveni. And Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru. Ufulu. Freedom. Liberté. The Statue of Liberty is in our hearts. A free continent with a sovereign culture. Zikomo Kwambiri a Robert Chiwamba before you thank them, our baobabs. Mathanyula Takana. Come Monday come, let it rain poetry.