Tourism Membership AssociationFormed in Malawi

One of the leading marketing firms in the country, Wills Marketing Consultants has formed players in the hotels and tourism sector to join its membership as one way to boost the industry, Maravi Express has learnt.
This was said by Wills Marketing Consultants Country Director Diana Chalira in an interview recently.
Among other things Chalira said that there was a need for the tourism sector to be marketed to reach out to the entire world so that Malawi should benefit at the end of the day by having more and more tourists who could bring foreign exchange which in return will help to foster development of the country.
Among other things, the Country Director cited the beautiful lakes which Malawi has, beautiful mountains, wild life, national parks and game reserves saying if these are going to be marketed very well then Malawi can be able to attract more tourists from all over the world.
“The whole purpose of forming this grouping is to see to it that we have membership from the hotels tourism industry so that we should work hand in hand in marketing theindustry.
“Of course there are already some institutions which have been there before but we saw it wise to form this one as one way to expand to all the parts of the world so that Malawi should end up to be the winner at the end of the day.
“In this case we welcome all players in the hotels and tourism sector to join us in their large numbers,” she explained adding, “We believe that this association is going to be a platform for the members to discuss the challenges which it is currently facing and map the way forward,” she said.
Southern Region Tourism Officer SankhaniChimbalanga said government was committed to promote the tourism sector hence supporting the newly-formed association.
Apart from helping hotels and tourism sector on how they could marketing the industry , the firm also train hotels staff and shortly would open a website to market Malawi internationally.