MAWU to Honour Late President Bingu

sambalikagwa mvonaMalawi Writers Union (MAWU) President Mr Tsambalikagwa Mvona has said that plans are currently at an advanced stage to honor former State President of the Republic of Malawi late Professor Bungu wa Mutharika and others who ensued that creative writing is promoted and that writers are reckognised.

Mvona told Maravi Express in an inerview that without the encouragement from the late President, late Legson Kaira and others creative writing was on the verge of collapse in the country.

However, Mvona went on to call upon the current administration of Professor Peter Mutharika to keep on doing the same hence expressing concern that there is lack of will power to assist writers in the country by government.

He was speaking in an interview after the latest award presentation ceremony held at Shire Highlands Hotel in the Commercial city of Blantyre where those honoured include Willie Zingani, Professor Steve Chimombo, Dr James Ngombe and D.D Phiri. Each one of them all walked away with K100,000 from the official sponsors according to Mr Mvona.

The MAWU boss said time has come for the government to act so that authors should get the recognition they deserve. “These people have contributed highly to our culture and education. Say for example Willie Zingani wrote more Chichewa books like Madzi Akataika while Professor Chimombo has done firms.

“Dr James N’gombe and D.D Phiri have done a record number of books in biography, Du Chisiza Snr, uprising, history of the country where we were coming from and where we are going,” explained the president.

Meanwhile, Mvona has put it in bold that Malawians have to recognize their own writers because despite the current harsh economic environment in which we are, many up and coming writers as well as veteran writers are still coming up with books despite having limited resources.

“Its high time Malawians recognize their own writers by among other things buying books to protect the culture of writing in our country,” explained Mvona.

Among other sponsors were Lisa Makawa (Official of Alexander Hotels) who provided snacks to the patrons who attended the colourful ceremony) and the National Library Services.