The traditional music problem is back in town. The versatile Mibawa Band is split. Drummer McDonald Muwawa now leads the splinter group that has now formed Mingoli Band.

Mingoli Band in action

Mingoli Band in action

Muwawa has been Mibawa Band leader over the years. It is not clear what has caused the sparked.

“The journey still continues, the group is intact with all the members but we are no longer Mibawa Band. We are Mingoli Band,” Muwawa has told a local national daily.

The new music outfit plans registering as a company to operate as a business, as Muwawa says.

Mibawa Chief Executive Officer John Nthakomwa said the split has derived from a misunderstanding over a decision some band members, led by Muwawa, had taken to go into a business negotiation with the knowledge of the proprietor, according to The Daily Times newspaper Tuesday edition.

“With such a thing where members who you have assisted very much to grow and helped them with so many things but they go behind your back to make some deals without consulting you. So I had no choice but to stop this band project which has consumed a lot of money for me,” he said.

The members that have now formed Mingoli include keyboardist Joe Matani, lead guitarist  Manyozo Tchado, vocalists Gama Nyondo and Elyvacy Muyaba and bassist Godfrey Mbizi.

Mibawa Banda last performed as a unit in Lilongwe where they were invited to the 2015 Valentine’s Day galla organized by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).