Madonna meets Malawi’s president Peter Mutharika

madonna and arthur peter mutharikaThe president of Malawi has met Madonna’s adopted daughter and son.

President Peter Mutharika thanked Madonna for bringing her Malawi-born children Mercy and David back to their birth country.

Friday’s meeting was symbolic for Madonna, who had a public falling-out with former President Joyce Banda.

Madonna said of Mutharika’s older brother Bingu wa Mutharika…

Thank you for welcoming me here. I was a big fan of your brother. He was very kind to us.

“Let me thank you for bringing David and Mercy to Malawi,” President Peter Mutharika said of David Banda whom the singer adopted in Malawi in 2006.

Madonna is building at least ten schools in rural Malawi and a two-storey, 50-bed paediatrics ward in the country’s commercial capital, Blantyre.

Friday’s meeting was symbolic for Madonna who had a public fall-out with former president Joyce Banda who stripped her of her VVIP status forcing her to board her private jet like an ordinary passenger.

Although she did not allude to her spat with Banda this was not lost on Madonna at the Friday presidential meet.

“Thank you for welcoming me here. I was a big fan of your brother; he was very kind to us,” she said of Mutharika’s older brother Bingu wa Mutharika whom Banda, his then vice president, succeeded after the economist-turned-politician’s sudden death in April 2012.


Madonna and the President later had a closed-door meeting. The singer later met with First Lady Gertrude Hendrina Mutharika.

Madonna’s 12-member travelling party includes sons Roco John Ritchie and David Banda and daughter Mercy Chifundo James. Older daughter, Lourdes, stayed home.

The Material Girl has been periodically visiting Malawi since 2006, often with all her children.

She funds a number of orphanages in the country, including Kondanani Children’s Home in the southern tea-growing district of Thyolo, incidentally the Mutharika’s ancestral home.