Where was the Voice of Gift Trapence And That of CEDEP Two Years Ago?


Trapence went in hilbernation Two years ago,why is he making the comeback today?

Ladies and gentlemen,there are some other things that are better off left unsaid while other things deserve to be unpacked for the common interest of every Jim and Jack.

To begin with,I would like to acknowledge the comeback of one Gift Trapence of CEDEP from his two year leave where among other things he spend the rest of his time feasting on cash gate money when his voice was no where to be seen as he did few years back before the Chief Cash gater Joyce Banda used him to serve her interest.

Welcome back once again but by the way,your come back is my point of interest now and i would further say it is not even good enough Mr Trapence, Malawi was in turmoil just two years ago and it was a time that Malawians asked and needed your voice most but you were in no avail and now you want to make the noise again as if you speak and care for Malawians.

Who do you speak for Mr Trapence?Do not tell me you speak for the same commoner who you deserted just few months ago when those that you serve had palm greased and sealed your mouth with stolen money meant for poor Malawians?

As for me Mr Trapence,i will not bother to take you serious and deceive you that you speak for the poor Malawians but tell you the truth that you speak for your bread and butter as you you are nothing but a coward who is making noise now out of frustration and anger with a hidden agenda from your financier Joyce Banda.

Where were you two years ago Mr Trapence when Joyce Banda and clue played hard chess to our hard earned money at Capital Hill?

Where were you Mr Trapence two years ago when Maize got rot in our silos while on the other hand,our jet was sold and its proceeds are no where to be seen, i guess the sales from the jet were what sealed your mouth.

Were you in the country when the civil service went on strike and Abiti was outside the country failing to address the challenges Malawians were in?

Greetings From Magede Si Wandale- Afrobarometer.I will continue to remind you Mr Trapence of where you had been the past two years otherwise your voice is so useless now and forever.